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Program or Excel spreadsheet to track lifting progress Forum Index -> Stretch, Strength & Workouts

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purple hayes
Frightened Inmate #2
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PostPosted: 09/13/02 - 11:30    Post subject: Program or Excel spreadsheet to track lifting progress
Is there a good piece of software out there for tracking lifting progress or does someone have an Excel spreadsheet that I can use to chart lifting progress?
Master of Prissface
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PostPosted: 09/15/02 - 11:32    Post subject:
Some of the Kickers crowd used to use to track their workouts, I'm not sure if there's a way like at the Kick log to chart stuff but check it out and see if it might work for you. I started using it when we were having a contest a long time ago but it got to be too much of a headache to track each exercise. I'm anal but not that anal. Wink
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PostPosted: 09/15/02 - 12:24    Post subject:
Microsoft Access sometimes comes with a blank access file that can be used to track weightlifting progress
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PostPosted: 09/15/02 - 20:44    Post subject:
I use an Excel spreadsheet to track my running. Maybe you could make your own. And if you do, can I have a copy?
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