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PostPosted: 11/21/02 - 12:53    Post subject: Big East Football
This conference race has become very fun to watch.

Instead of Miami vs Virginia Tech, both Pittsburgh and West Virginia have joined the conference title race.

WV looked good last night. I've seen Pitt play a few times this year and they look pretty strong, too.

Miami still has to play Pitt and Va Tech.
Pitt has Miami and WV.
WV only has Pitt left.

I am hoping for a good game tonight.

I think these teams could go 4-0 in bowl play.
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PostPosted: 11/21/02 - 13:09    Post subject:
I'm really hoping Miami gets knocked out. I can't stand any of the Florida teams, plus one of my best friends is a hhuge Miami fan - makes it more interesting when we get together for a game with me hating them. I guess the only thing I have to say is, more interesting than the Big Ten (11) this year. They stink.
Former FFL Champion
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Joined: 15 May 2002
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PostPosted: 11/21/02 - 13:17    Post subject:
In my perfect world, Ohio State and Washington State would meet again for the national championship.

I think WSU is much improved from the first meeting.

Then get this - it would be a Big 10 vs Pac 10 title game NOT played in the Rose Bowl.

Kind of sad, really.
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